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BP provide high quality lubricants and oils to millions of customers across the globe. Our focus is on performance for our products and for the people who sell them. We carry a simple, easy to understand range suitable for all customer needs and many of our products can be used on a wide range of engines meaning less inventory, more efficient operations and successful, targeted sales.

Our tools can help you

  • Explain the benefits of BP's product offering to your clients, for them to pass on to their customers
  • Promote your clients businesses in the local area by linking them with a trusted brand
  • Show your clients how they can highlight their partnership with BP through creative marketing material displayed their workshop

Show your customers how to grow their business with marketing materials to promote their services.

Pass on your knowledge of lubricants with this detailed presentation specifically for cars. Includes a quiz to test how much your audience has learnt.

Discover the rigorous testing our products go through to ensure they're up to our high standards

BP Lubricant Pack features and benefits.